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About us

Johnny World Travel is an Australian Travel agency.
I warmly welcome you in the name of our office !

“It is not important where you start your journey from. The decisions that you make regarding your final destination are the significant moments of your life.” (Anthony Robbins)

I have started my journey from one of the most faraway places on Earth, from Australia. I have graduated from the faculty of “Advance Diploma of Tourist Management” in Sydney. With this degree, I literary earned a “passport” to all the countries of the world. There was nothing that could stop me from exploring even the most far-off, exotic countries and islands (Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, New Zealand…).


Oláh János (Johnny) – company owner, manager

I am an enthusiastic traveler, my passion is exploring the world. Most of my experience is gained from my own trips. I consider myself to be a fortunate person, because traveling is my hobby. Not only did I travel a lot, but I also got to know different countries’ cuisine. I was introduced to new cultures, unusual tastes and flavors, peculiar cooking traditions and a number of thrilling customs. All this fascinates me as gastronomy is another passion of mine.

Such a great number of unforgettable memories had to be immortalized somehow. That is why the website consists of my own works, pictures, recollections, impressions and experience.

Asia is one of my favorite countries, and for certain sure, the “countries of eternal smiles” are located here. Wherever I went, all the way from Cambodia to Vietnam, from Thailand down to Singapore…the love and friendly smiles of the locals were a warm welcome to me everywhere.

Oláh János (Johnny) – cégtulajdonos, ügyvezető

Oláh János (Johnny)

I have spent 7 unforgettable years in the country of koalas and kangaroos. During my stay I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in connection with people’s lives, thoughts, mentality. One of the main profiles of my Travel Agency is organizing educational tours and trips, in particular to Australia. Due to my personal, first-hand experience I can provide the keen travelers and students with lots of useful information and numerous useful advice.

I will help you to organize the journey of your dreams !

I wish you a pleasant stay, an enjoyable holiday and unforgettable memories.

“The world opens up a door for the person who knows which way he wants to go.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)